Intelligent Automation- DIG Case Study

Published On: December 16, 2019By Categories: News & Events

Showing the Return on Intelligent Automation

Document Imaging Group (DIG), the Mahwah, NJ based Business Automation and Content Management solution provider proudly shares the success story of Boston, MA based HMI Performance Incentives.

DIG was recently recognized in the Kofax case study detailing the project and the subsequent benefits gained by HMI by the improvements to the performance of their incentive strategies. In correlation with Data Capture Group, DIG implemented Intelligent Automation (IA) solutions to enhance their customer loyalty programs.

Intelligent Automation allows well defined, tested, and proven processes to be completed by software applications. This adds efficiency and productivity while freeing up employees to focus their time on more high level thinking while also limiting the fears of human error. The goal and purpose of IA is not to eliminate the element of judgement from a process but rather to automate the workflows of the more menial elements included within the process.

The results have been outstanding. By automating, claims processes have been faster and more accurate. With this, participation in, and performance of the rewards program have been transformative.

“Year-on-year, we’ve boosted claims activity by 44% and revenues attributed to rewards customers by 90%, a 15-fold increase compared to last year.” – Lincoln Smith, Chief Strategy Officer (HMI Performance Incentives)

“I can’t think of an industry that could not benefit from IA solutions” said Jon Roth, founder and president of DIG. “When a company can pinpoint their need, like HMI, the results will follow. DIG prides itself on being able to help clients define and improve their business critical processes through automation.”

The full case study can be found here

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