Customer Onboarding Collateral

Published On: April 23, 2020By Categories: News & Events

Customer focused organizations must continually improve their new customer onboarding processes to enhance customer experience, improve process efficiency and meet compliance obligations. People are now engaging with organizations differently as a result of the digital technology available. Automating the customer onboarding process allows service organizations (such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, HR departments and others) to streamline new-customer onboarding with smart, agile, omni-channel solutions.

The automation of new-customer onboarding leverages a broad array of technologies including robotic process automation (RPA), mobile and omni-channel engagement, information capture, process orchestration, dynamic case management, customer communications, electronic signature and process analytics. This is all designed to meet complex and changing solutions requirements. It is intelligent automation that dramatically reduces process complexity and shortens processing time to improve the onboarding experience for new customers.

The idea is to eliminate the front end of traditional, antiquated and paper-laden onboarding processes by actively engaging customers whenever and wherever they choose. New customers will onboard faster with dramatically less attrition and at a lower cost per application. Onboarding automation allows for flexibility, extensibility, and on-going control over the evolution of the solution. Other benefits include improved information visibility, operational excellence, increased customer intimacy, regulatory compliance and enterprise agility.

The comprehensive solution includes all of the aforementioned technologies, all predesigned to work in synch. While supporting all your channels, the solution is especially suited for your mobile customer engagement initiatives and includes use of mobile devices for identity verification. It also includes the following:

  • A workflow designer that provides graphical development of end-to-end processes that coordinate people, systems and processes to actively drive toward achievement of onboarding goals.
  • Editable business rules that determine process flow and ensure approval criteria are applied consistently.
  • Internal reviewers can view the status of new customer applications, inspect documents, request additional documents from applicants, and take needed actions from a consolidated workspace.
  • Sample dashboards allow analysis of your new application pipeline and comparisons to historical performance.
  • Process flow diagram and swim lane charts allow identification of bottlenecks and variant process flows.

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