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Does your office look like this? Does your staff spend time searching for missing invoices? Do you miss out on early-pay discounts?

Studies suggest that up to 30 percent of a person’s time is spent each day in the maze, searching for documents, files and information. This lost time results in lost productivity regardless of the industry involved. In time this can translate to:

  • 2 hours per person per day
  • 10 hours per person per week
  • 450 hours per person per year

The truth is that even with a comprehensive ERP system in place, most companies have no choice but to manually process non-electronic (paper) invoices. Processes to handle these invoices are manually intensive, time-consuming, error-prone, and costly. Top studies have found that there is a huge range of estimated costs from $5 to $26 per invoice with an average of around $15.50/invoice. The crazy thing is that’s just the cost to process not counting all the external parts of your invoicing!

Given these stats, there’s got to be a better way.

Doc I Group understands the importance of efficient Invoice and AP processes. Our invoice processing and AP automation solutions streamlines the process of capturing invoices to increase processing speed and reduce data entry costs. Our tools enable you to leverage best practice workflows to expedite invoice review, coding and the approval processes for fast return on investment. Find out how our customers achieve best-in-class AP automation metrics and improve service levels for these benefits:

  • Increased Processing Speed and Reduced Processing Costs
  • Enhanced Visibility and Improved Control
  • Better Data Quality and Improved Accuracy
  • Optimized Cash Management and Real-time AP Performance Management

Are you ready to ride the e-invoicing wave?

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