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What are you hiding in your closet?

It seems like, in most small to medium sized businesses, there is a room. No one goes in that room, not everyone is even sure of why it’s there, but it is locked and so it’s considered “secure.”

What could be in there?

  • Employee Records: I-9/W-4, health insurance elections, payroll information
  • AP: Historic invoices, old payment records, former and current client banking information
  • Current and former Client/Patient Files


Often this room is filled with the items that are not needed on an everyday basis, but can be crucial to an organization in the event of an audit or dispute.

  • Do you have the ability to quickly and efficiently find the information needed or will it take days of sifting through old paperwork?
  • What happens if there is a fire? A flood? Or some other disaster, accident, or theft?
  • Do you have a back-up plan or will those files be lost forever leaving your firm at risk?
  • Why keep all of these vital documents onsite and remain subject to the “what if?”

Reclaim your time and your peace of mind.

What’s the solution?Put your closet in the Cloud with ECMNOW!

Infoaxis and the Doc i Group now offer ECMNOW! A completely cloud-based, self-contained system that allows your firm to simplify information management across your business.

  • Content storage and management on the cloud will save you money and give you added security you need. It might even offer you back some of that office space.
  • One key advantage to the cloud is that there is no additional investment in hardware, software, or IT staffing.
  • Everything is organized, easily searchable and available for a manageable monthly fee.

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Who is this for?

No matter your industry, protection of private information is a growing concern. Secure document management is possible regardless of compliance requirements. (click below for detailed Compliance Briefs)

ECMNOW! is not purely for storage purposes. It can be used as a secure internal or external portal with complete access control. With the addition of Workflow and e-Forms, we can help you digitize and automate your entire business process from intake, to customer communication, to document storage and filing. All this can be done through a secure, efficient platform that both you and your customers can be confident and comfortable with. Be a “closet” worrier no more.

Ready to see how ECMNOW can take your office to the next level?

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