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Are you losing prospective customers to your competition? Is your current onboarding process inefficient and antiquated?

  • Up to 90% of new customers abandon account applications before they are completed.
  • The average cost to set up and maintain a new account is more than $300 per year.
  • Manual and paper-based processes, such as new account enrollment, can cost up to 20 times more than computer-assisted, electronic document processing
  • Banks are able to triple new business closings by automating the capture process and linking real-time data capture with product experts and branch personnel

Opening a new bank account used to be a slow and painful process. There were a lot of lengthy enrollment forms to fill out, along with a pile of personal documents to be verified and filed away – from drivers licenses to proofs of residency. The whole process was inefficient, costly, and error-prone; not the best way to start off a relationship.

Now there’s a better way. The Doc I Group Customer Onboarding Solution uses the Kofax TotalAgility Platform which enables banks to onboard customers faster, achieving near-perfect file accuracy, and building trust with automated follow-up communications. Plus, bank managers now spend more time building a business with customers and less time shuffling through files.

Customer new account applications and supporting documents can be captured from any source, including mobile devices, internet portals, desktop scanners, and MFPs at the Point of Origination™ where customer-facing interactions actually occur. The solution then extracts and ensures the validity of their content, facilitates the resolution of exceptions and acquisition of trailing documents, and uses dynamic workflows to ensure that the onboarding process is completed in a timely, accurate, and cost-effective manner while optimizing the customer experience.

Let Doc I Group help you jumpstart customer relationships:

  • Impress new customers with a fast, hassle-free onboarding experience.
  • Build customer trust and loyalty with timely follow-up communications via multiple channels and devices.
  • Expand revenue streams by leveraging enrollment information to create high-impact sales and marketing programs.
  • Enhance bottom line with streamlined business flows.
  • Reduce labor-intensive customer onboarding tasks using advanced capture, auto-classification, and workflow technologies.
  • Become more agile by creating a unified platform for sharing data and documents across the enterprise.
  • Process more new accounts with the same or fewer resources.

We can help you mitigate risk and promote compliance:

  • Ensure information accuracy with touch-less data extraction, classification, and transformation technologies.
  • Enforce end-to-end document tracking practices that meet the full range of industry regulations.
  • Reduce risk and data loss with rigorous central management of sensitive customer information.

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