2511, 2019

Why more healthcare providers are using EMRs

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Electronic medical records (EMR) are digitized versions of patients’ information. Using EMRs can significantly reduce transcription costs and the need for a large storage space to house paper records. EMRs also reduce the frequency of errors due to illegible handwriting or incomplete documentation. By transitioning from paper to digital records, [...]

1209, 2019

Choosing the right EMR system

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Medical professionals should always strive to give the utmost care to their patients, not only through proper diagnosis and treatment but with the best ancillary healthcare services as well. These are improved by the use of electronic medical records (EMRs). EMRs eliminate paper charts by digitally storing patients' medical history [...]

509, 2016

Record $5.5 million HIPAA penalty doled out

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If your organization hosts data regulated by the US government, you're familiar with the scare tactics used to sell hosting services. But what lurks behind those vague threats of expensive lawsuits and unfair liability burdens? HIPAA is nearly 100 pages long and few providers actually know what it requires. Unfortunately, [...]

2706, 2016

Apple HealthKit: what’s in it for you?

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Medical records are generally inaccessible and hard to understand. In fact, if you were to try reading your own medical data, you might find that it’s almost as if it’s in a different language. A medical record can be riddled with cryptic phrases, acronyms and complex terms that mean nothing [...]

1506, 2016

Learn from this NFL team’s EMR fumble

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ESPN recently reported that a laptop containing the medical records of thousands of NFL players was stolen from the car of a Washington Redskins’ trainer. And while the team released a statement saying no health information protected under HIPAA guidelines was at risk, the incident shows that EMRs are vulnerable [...]

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