409, 2018

Hybrid clouds make SMBs more flexible

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Cloud computing has become an indispensable component in business IT because it’s cost-effective, flexible, and secure. Thanks to hybrid cloud solutions, organizations have access to even more agile computing resources. Hybrid clouds are a combination of private and public clouds. In the former, data and applications that require tighter controls [...]

3001, 2018

Azure virtual machines get a free upgrade

By |January 30, 2018|Categories: Virtualization|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Virtualization is difficult to understand. The technology itself is complex, and the industry is dominated by vendors that the average business owner has never heard of. Almost everyone knows Microsoft though, and its virtualization platform just got a big speed boost that won’t cost users a thing -- if they [...]

301, 2018

Hybrid cloud predictions for 2018

By |January 3, 2018|Categories: Web & Cloud|Tags: , , , , , |

When thinking about cloud technology, public cloud tends to be the first type of platform that comes to mind. This is hardly a shock as it’s the most common type of cloud, but that might not hold true in the near future as hybrid cloud continues to grow. That said, [...]

707, 2016

SMBs turn to hybrid clouds for flexibility

By |July 7, 2016|Categories: Web & Cloud|Tags: , , , , |

Who would have guessed that clouds could be so complex? Yet in a day and age of seemingly continuous technological advances, “cloud” computing has become one of the more intricate and interesting approaches to managing IT resources for businesses. Not to mention one of the most cost effective, flexible, and [...]

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