1710, 2019

Ways to secure your Apple devices

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It is widely believed that Apple computers and devices are highly secure and can't be touched by malware and viruses. While there are fewer security threats to Macs, iPhones, and other Apple gadgets compared to Windows and Android machines, Apple devices are also vulnerable. Here’s how to protect them. Keep [...]

1309, 2019

Ensure the privacy of iPhone text messages

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If you’re a business owner who is constantly on the go, you may have become too comfortable texting confidential information using your iPhone. Thankfully, getting back on track is easy. Here are three iPhone privacy settings that will give you an added layer of comfort and security. Turn off message [...]

1208, 2019

The risks of jailbreaking your iPad

By |August 12, 2019|Categories: Apple|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

While the iPad and other Apple devices allow you to download and install literally millions of apps, they don’t exactly leave much room for customization. Jailbreaking lets you fully customize your iPad by enabling you to install third-party apps on your device. But it’s not without risks. Here’s why you [...]

907, 2019

First look: macOS Catalina’s exciting features

By |July 9, 2019|Categories: Apple|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

macOS Catalina is the 16th major release of Apple’s operating system for Mac and Macbook. Set for rollout in late September 2019, it offers a raft of useful new features and improvements that will give users a better experience. Here’s a quick look at some of them. Music, Podcast, and [...]

1502, 2019

Lock down iOS 12 devices with these features

By |February 15, 2019|Categories: Apple|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , |

iOS 12, Apple’s latest mobile software offering, is finally available, and it promises to be better at keeping your data locked down. Here are some tweaks that you can make to boost iOS 12’s security and privacy settings. Set a stronger passcode iOS 12 now requires six-digit passcodes, and this [...]

1801, 2019

Safeguard your iPhone from phishing

By |January 18, 2019|Categories: Apple|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Phishing scams have been around for years, and they’ve gotten smarter with time. Recently, criminals have been targeting iPhone users through a voice phishing scam that makes the call appear like it’s coming from Apple Support. Fortunately, there are simple but effective tips so you don’t fall prey to this [...]

2409, 2018

What’s new with the iPhone XS

By |September 24, 2018|Categories: Apple|Tags: , , , , , |

Good news iPhone users, Apple has released the iPhone XS and XS Max. The company also has plans to release an iPhone XR in the future, but for now, let’s examine the latest iteration of Apple’s smartphone, the iPhone XS. Like most Apple smartphones, the iPhone XS is expensive, especially [...]

308, 2018

Get more life out of your iPhone battery

By |August 3, 2018|Categories: Apple|Tags: , , , , , , |

You’re on the go today – out of the office, out of the house, and attending a business event. Everything is going fine and dandy until you look down at your phone to see your worst nightmare come true. Your iPhone is at 25 percent battery life. Before you panic, [...]

2007, 2018

Head to head: iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus

By |July 20, 2018|Categories: Apple|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Deciding between two different iPhone models may not seem much of a dilemma, but if you are presented with two highly functional phones with excellent sets of features, it comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Let’s compare the two most recent iPhones. Price Being the higher end model, [...]

207, 2018

Why Healthcare needs Mobile Device Management

By |July 2, 2018|Categories: Healthcare|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Surveys and studies show that wireless device usage in the healthcare industry is growing at an exponential rate, falling in line with the general trend in today’s society. The IT staff must work harder to monitor all the devices using the network, but there are Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions [...]

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