1102, 2019

Which social media platform is best for you?

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Finding the right channel to promote one’s business is a growing challenge in the digital age, with social media acting as an indispensable business tool. The question is, what else can you do aside from updating your status? Here are five ways to help you enhance your social media marketing. [...]

1203, 2018

5 social media marketing tips

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Nearly everyone uses social media. And whether you run a small- or medium-sized business (SMB) or multinational conglomerate, social media platforms are great for their broad audiences, low costs, and high returns. But without careful planning, marketing in these communities can do more harm than good. Here are five tips [...]

1509, 2016

Improve networking with LinkedIn Alumni

By |September 15, 2016|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , |

How many times have you heard the saying “It’s not about what you do but who you know”? -- probably too many to count. Regardless of whether that’s your current business mantra, it's hard to ignore the advantages of tapping into your network. From landing jobs to furthering your career, [...]

2504, 2016

How to get 500+ LinkedIn connections

By |April 25, 2016|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , , , , , , |

500+ LinkedIn connections can open doors. It can lead to more business, new clients, and provide social proof to yourself or organization. However, getting to 500+ connections can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a business to run. So how can you break through and become a [...]

1202, 2016

How to use LinkedIn to create business value

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LinkedIn is a highly useful site, but many small businesses simply don't make the most of it. The problem is that most of the information out there, that SMBs try to model, is focused on tips and strategies for larger organizations. And these strategies are simply not as effective when [...]

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