2211, 2018

Reasons to back up your mobile devices

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Companies such as Apple, Samsung, and others have turned mobile phones into mini-computers that can serve as a substitute for your laptop, or as a storage device. If you’re using a smartphone as a communications and storage device, backing up now would be a wise move. Malware on mobile More [...]

211, 2018

Is Google’s newest smartphone right for you?

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Companies that want their employees to have the best mobile devices for work usually choose one of three devices, a Pixel, one of the Galaxy S phones, or an iPhone. The Pixel phone is Google’s flagship device, and although it’s price isn’t much different from the competition, it’s packed with [...]

604, 2018

Did Facebook secretly collect Android data?

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It was recently exposed that Facebook has been collecting Android phone users’ call history and SMS data for years. This may be alarming to many users, but Facebook has assured us that it was collected with consent. Here’s everything you need to know. How Facebook’s data-collecting activities were discovered Software [...]

1805, 2017

New phishing protection for Gmail on Android

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One of the most common ways hackers infiltrate networks is by using phishing scams -- fraudulent emails to trick unwitting users into giving away login credentials or downloading malware. Although this is the oldest trick in a hacker’s arsenal, it’s still an incredibly effective attack method. To blunt the potency [...]

2004, 2017

Why you need to back up your mobile devices

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There was a time when mobile phones were used exclusively for calling and texting. Now, they can do so much more. Regardless of your level of tolerance or skill for managing documents in such a small gadget, mobile devices allow you to send and receive email, download and upload media [...]

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