1806, 2019

Improve your PowerPoint skills with these tips

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Office workers are far too familiar with slideshow presentations that are either more soporific than cough medicine or are horrible time sinks that make them miss their deadlines. To avoid becoming the next target of their ire and resentment — and perhaps become the presenter everyone actually enjoys — here [...]

2603, 2019

Work Smarter in Outlook with these tips

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People are constantly searching for an easier way to keep their email inboxes in order, customize their email signatures, and improve group communications. The good news is that Microsoft Outlook has these features built in, you just need to know where to look. Clean Up your inbox No matter how [...]

502, 2019

OneNote 101: Master OneNote in no time

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OneNote is a useful but underutilized app that comes with Microsoft Office. It enables you to create and share digital notebooks that contain text, audio, video, and other multimedia, taking your note-taking to another level. Discover the ins and outs of this wonderful app by reading on. Organize your digital [...]

305, 2018

OneNote excluded from Office 2019

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Microsoft is pushing its users to use the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app of OneNote which will be included in Microsoft Office 2019 and Office 365. This means the OneNote desktop app will no longer be packed with future versions of Office. Microsoft's OneNote desktop application is nearing the end [...]

2802, 2018

Tips for using Outlook more efficiently

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Outlook is arguably the best tool that businesses use to manage their email, set up meetings, and coordinate projects. It's much more than a basic email program and includes features that help you organize your work, contacts, and business communications. Let's take a look at a few tips you may [...]

109, 2017

OneNote: the hidden gem in Microsoft Office

By |September 1, 2017|Categories: Office|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Almost everyone loves PowerPoint, Excel and Word, but there’s another Office application that should be recognized as a must-have: OneNote. It’s an app for pulling together text, video, audio, and other visual resources to create shareable notebooks full of useful information. With this article, you can master OneNote in no [...]

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