909, 2019

Save time with Bookings by Office 365

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We all undeniably have hectic schedules, and they’re made even worse with unorganized meetings, impromptu playdates, and unscheduled yoga classes. To move or cancel appointments, your clients would generally have to pick up the phone and call someone, which can be a drag. But with Microsoft Bookings, clients can schedule [...]

508, 2016

Make plans with Office 365’s Bookings

By |August 5, 2016|Categories: Office|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

The latest addition to the Office 365 family is Bookings. This online service helps schedule appointments with businesses using software. Good ‘ol pen and paper definitely still work, but given the world’s technological advances, digital appointment management makes sense. Besides never having to pick up the phone to schedule your [...]

2406, 2016

Springboard: a unified Google cloud service

By |June 24, 2016|Categories: Google|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Google claims that five million organizations around the world use Apps for Work, which is why their recent announcement regarding the service is such a big deal. If you use more than one of these services, you may love them as standalone apps but probably feel they could use some [...]

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