2310, 2019

Better internet security: Easy as 1, 2, 3

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The internet is not such a bad place to be in — for as long as website owners do their share in keeping it safe for their visitors. Here are three tips to do exactly just that.

905, 2019

The basics on 2-step and 2-factor authentication

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Cybersecurity is a vital component to businesses these days. You need to make sure that criminals cannot just hack into your network. When it comes to verifying users’ identity, there are two types of authentication used: two-step and two-factor. These two are so similar, many confuse one with the other. [...]

1502, 2019

Lock down iOS 12 devices with these features

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iOS 12, Apple’s latest mobile software offering, is finally available, and it promises to be better at keeping your data locked down. Here are some tweaks that you can make to boost iOS 12’s security and privacy settings. Set a stronger passcode iOS 12 now requires six-digit passcodes, and this [...]

2510, 2016

2 types of identity verification, explained

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Cyber security is becoming more and more important in an increasingly digital age. While many people and businesses know how important their online security is, they may not know what types of online security are best, nor the differences between the most commonly available options. There are two security authentication [...]

1407, 2016

5 simple but manageable security measures

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Don't be put off by the tech jargon of security experts you find in forums and self-help books. A managed service provider is what you need to break down complex security ideas into easy-to-understand language. However, they generally focus on installing and managing protection software that's often far too complicated [...]

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